How To Have More Control Over The Business Decisions You Make – From The Inside Out

Do you know the possible consequences your decisions are having on your business and in your life?

What if you could create new decisions that will give you a new direction in your business?

If you think about making decisions in context of your business, what is it that got you where you are today? If I may I would like to suggest that it’s the consistent decisions you made in the past have got you where you are today. And the consistent decisions you make today are going to determine where you end up tomorrow.

Would it be useful if you could make decisions that are more sound and more conscious? Decisions that are more precisely aimed at your vision, goals and dreams of your business?

Here’s the interesting thing: our decisions are driven by something deeper than our conscious thoughts. In fact, I would go so far and say that it’s our values and beliefs that determine our decisions.

Let’s have a look at values. The values we have are the things that are important to us. Take for example a person who values adventure and excitement, and another person who values security and comfort. You’ve got a great bungee jumping programme and invite both people along. What decision do you thing these two people are going to make?

I would suggest that the person who values comfort and security would probably say no to your programme, while the person who values excitement and adventure will take you up on your invite with enthusiasm.

So, in your business, it’s the decisions you’re making that will be sending you and your business in a particular direction. The question is, in which direction are they sending you?

The Importance of Having a Vision

Something that I realised early on is that if you don’t have a vision for you business, your decisions are kind of hit and miss, and your direction for your business is hit and miss. You need to set up a target, a vision, for your direction, because then you can compare and contrast your decisions with that target, your vision. This in turn will allow you to make more precise decisions. And this means that it will allow you to determine whether your decisions take you closer or further away from where you want to go.

The Importance of Knowing Your Values

And this is where our values come in. As we’ve seen, our decisions are influenced by the values we hold. The trick is, how do we uncover values? Your values are so deeply embedded inside you, they were formed when you grew up, and most of us still operated from these values. This is because we haven’t upgraded our values, we haven’t taken a deeper look at what values are stopping us and which ones are empowering us or propelling us forwards.

Do you know your values? What if you knew the deeper structure of what’s creating your decisions? Your values become a precision compass that directs your decisions towards your vision and goals of your business and towards business success. From the inside out.

Here’s an exercise you can do to find out your values. You can take any area of your life, such as your family, your relationship, your health, your career or business, you name it. For now, let’s keep it in context and take your business.

1. What’s important to you about your business? Write down everything that is important to you about your business. It could be anything, don’t censor anything and just let your imagination take over. When you can’t think of anything anymore, ask the question again: What’s important to me about my business? Write down some more as it comes to mind, and ask the question again.

2. Now, go through your list of values and select the top 20. Of these top 20, select the top 10 things that are most important to you, the ones you just can’t go without.

Remember, it’s not finding what you value. It’s about finding what you value most.

3. For this next step, it is easiest if you write your top 10 values on post-it notes, one value on each note. This will make it easier to sort them in order of importance. Order your values with the most important value on the top, the least important at the bottom. Then, take the first value and ask yourself, is the first value more important then the second value or is the second value more important than the first value. Do this for each of the 10 values, re-ordering if necessary.

Be willing to be surprised. It may be that you had never realised how important something was until this exercise.

When you now look at what you value most about your business, your top 10 values for your business, are the decisions you make each day aligned with your values? Or do you need to make some adjustments to your decisions so that they fulfil your values? Once your business decisions are aligned with your values, your business will make an amazing leap to success.

To your success from the inside out